Aalterpaint develops paints for a wide range of industries.

Our team will come up with the right solution, whatever your requirements.

Aalterpaint specialises in your project

We develop formula paints for every sector. Clients with different industrial backgrounds have submitted their projects to us. Our team of 35 professionals come up with the right solution. Aalterpaint has extensive experience with clients from five different sectors.

Metalwork industry

We deliver to companies that work with steel and a range of finished products. Machine manufacturers, warehouse rack makers and foundries: they all come to us. We have the perfect formula for any requirements.


Clients who want to market products under their own brand can also come to Aalterpaint. We develop paint on-demand, adapted to your marketing plan and to the needs of your end clients.

Metal construction

Aalterpaint delivers products to companies that specialise in steel construction projects such as bridges and pylons, and companies that construct steel structures for buildings.

Industrial painting specialists

These companies are specialised in applying our products to metal structures. This can be on-site or in a workshop where the parts are first coated and then assembled. In this sector, the painting system is often specified by a contractor.

Packaging industry

Our packaging coatings are applied on steel packaging, such as steel drums, and on can packaging such as spray cans and beverage cans. We adjust the type of paint to the type of packaging. Aalterpaint supplies both air-drying and oven-drying solutions which are water- or solvent-based.